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  • Beth Adams

Women Learning the Skills of a Lifetime

A new social program through RS Partners launched on September 22 called “Eu! Empreendedora” [Me! Entrepreneur] that focuses on women in the Nossa Senhora community of Porto Alegre.

The goal is to empower these women by teaching them all the aspects of starting their own culinary business, from strategic planning and funding to marketing the business to making the cakes, breads, and pizzas that they’ll sell. The end result is that they’ll learn the skills to bring in more income, giving them more opportunities to better their lives.

These classes and workshops will take place in September and October 2021. Being able to change lives is only possible when we make these connections with each other to build up our communities. Not only was it accomplished through Indiana and Rio Grande do Sul Partners members truly living up to our mission statement, it also couldn’t have been done without the support of Centro Social Madre Madalena and Space W, an organization that works with women’s businesses.

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