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Legislative Fellows

Program Goals


  • Build sustainable relationships with professionals and organizations in diverse communities around the program themes: citizen advocacy, citizen participation, legislative processes, government transparency and accountability

  • Afford Legislative Fellows the opportunity to share their professional expertise and continue their professional development via a dynamic and sustainable network

  • Strengthen the capacity of the Legislative Fellows to more effectively enact and engage civil society, government, and legislative processes




Fellowships are customized to be mutually beneficial for Legislative Fellows and host organizations. Fellows work with mentors at their host organization in a host country to design and execute a scope of work, which often includes site visits and on-the-job training. Legislative Fellows have the opportunity to work on new or existing projects, and share his/her best practices.


Host Organizations


  • Partners places Legislative Fellows in host organizations from all sectors that are engaged in policy formation or influence, transparency, anti-corruption, civic engagement efforts.

  • Host organizations also have the opportunity to create and deepen international connections, especially through reciprocal fellowships. In the following fellowship class, the host organization is encouraged to send an employee as a Legislative Fellow to strengthen and maintain its international relationships. 

Apply Now or Meet the Fellows by contacting Krista Ricci at

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