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Partners of the Americas was inaugurated in 1964 by President John F. Kennedy as part of the Alliance for Progress. The goal of the Alliance for Progress is to join volunteers from many walks of life in partnerships between US states and states/countries of Latin America, improving the lives and relationships of people across the hemisphere. Indiana and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, one of the first of now more than 60 partnerships, connects Hoosiers and Gauchos in volunteer action through professional, educational, and cultural programs. Volunteer travellers stay with families of the host country, sharing hands-on expertise and building goodwill for a peaceful global community. Partners of the Americas international office in Washington, DC provides central coordination among all the states.


We not only dream about a better world, we roll up our sleeves and make a difference. Our Partner state, Rio Grande do Sul (RS), has strong similarities and dramatic differences from Indiana that enrich our programs and exchanges. For over 40 years, our dynamic, volunteer-driven partnership has produced a wide range of programs and opportunities for Gaucho and Hoosier exchanges in the six program areas consonant with those identified by POA international: Youth Education & Leadership; Health & Medical; Arts & Culture; Social Services; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Justice & Civil Society.

Meet the President of Indiana Partners:
krista rivera.jpg

Krista Ricci is the President of the Indiana Chapter of Partners of the Americas.



Connect people and organizations across borders to serve and to change lives through lasting partnerships. 



Partners envisions an interconnected global neighborhood where people and organizations reach their fullest potential through long-lasting partnerships. 

Core Values/ Belief Statements: 

  • We believe that social and economic prosperity are not limited to just one country, region or group of people.

  • We believe that volunteer service is capable of transforming lives and communities.

  • We believe that each individual, regardless of age or any other factor, has the power to realize their dreams and make a difference

  • We believe that we learn more about ourselves when we learn to work together with others.


Partners of the Americas welcomes all individuals and organizations willing to share their skills and work toward greater international cooperation among the people of the Western Hemisphere.  Join us today!

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