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  • Beth Adams

What’s Happening Next with Indiana Partners

We have some updates about a couple of our events coming up.

After some thoughtful deliberation, the Indiana Partners executive committee decided not to hold our Annual Churrasco this year. After weighing the options and feedback, the decision was made with everyone’s safety in mind. We hope to see everyone for the 2021 Churrasco and get the chance to really catch up with all of our friends. That also means you have to sing the Brazilian national anthem extra loud (you have a year to practice, and we’re holding you to it!).

The second big announcement is that if you’ve never been to see the MOSTRA Brazilian Film Festival in the past, you’re in luck: it’s going virtual this year! It’s held every November, so look forward to more information coming in the next couple months on the film lineup, times, how to watch, and participate.

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