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  • Beth Adams

What a Year it Was

People can debate on what kind of year 2019 was, but for Indiana Partners, it was a very good year (Frank Sinatra fans will know the reference). Here are a few highlights:

• In February, we had our annual feijoada, showcasing six of our Brazilian Youth Ambassadors and our Teacher in Residence, Marcio Fontana.

• In April, Hora Certa came and gave a Brazilian jazz concert.

• During the summer, our partners in Rio Grande do Sul saw a change in leadership and got a few new people and a few familiar faces to join the board.

• The Luciano Antonio Trio gave a fantastic concert at the Eiteljorg in July.

• In September, our churrasco turned out really well! (I think I’m still full.)

• The 10th anniversary of the Mostra Brazilian Film Festival took place in early November, and we had three films in Indiana this year.

Thank you so much for your support for 2019! It really means a lot, and these programs couldn't have been done without you. And if you have any ideas for programs in 2020, please drop us a line and let us know (simply replying to the newsletter will do that)!

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