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  • Beth Adams

RS Partners Partying Online for Festa Junina

Our Partners friends in Rio Grande do Sul are having a virtual Festa Junina party on Saturday, June 26, 2021. Festa Junina has been celebrated since Brazil’s colonial days and includes tons of music and dancing, tasty food and drinks, and dressing in costumes that reflect a countryside attire in honor of its origins as a celebration of harvesting on the plantations. It’s especially popular in the northeast of Brazil but celebrated all across the country. Most schools will hold special events in honor of the holiday where children play games and eat traditional treats. In the south of Brazil, bonfires are often lit as part of the festivities as is eating churrasco. (Is there ever a wrong time for churrasco? I don't think so.)

This year, the RS Partner’s Festa Junina event will be held on Zoom and include a Festa Junina quiz game, a special playlist and lighting, a short concert by the wonderful Gabriela Bastos, and an award going to the best costume - definitely can’t wait to see who brings the most creativity for this!

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