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  • Beth Adams

Partners on the Move

Some of our Partners members are doing some BIG things that we want to share. First of all, we want to extend our biggest felicidades to Chris Kashman, who recently got married! All the best to the two of them!

And Indiana Partners Treasurer, Daniel Mohr, took a job in The Big Apple, the one and only New York City! The good thing about the virtual world we’re in is that even though he moved several states away, he agreed to stay on as our treasurer. We are forever grateful for the great work he’s done for this organization.

As soon as the pandemic numbers get down to manageable levels and it’s safe to travel again, we look forward to the moment when the exchanges will resume. We have teachers who are standing by, waiting to learn more with partner teachers, and we are even thinking of hosting a teacher from Partners Goiás. Even though we’re still stuck at home for the time being, we are still planning for the future but being flexible with the timing of it all.

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