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  • Beth Adams

Partners Helping Partners

Several months ago, we happily reported that the Rio Grande do Sul Partners chapter adopted the Centro Social Madre Madalena, a community center in Porto Alegre, to provide support in several ways as needed. Since then, they’ve helped prepare food and amenities baskets for the 130 families that depend on their generosity.

Before Easter, they held a raffle of a gigantic Easter basket filled with chocolates and goodies to be able to raise money for more baskets for the families. However, with rising costs for food and supplies, they weren’t able to create as many baskets as they needed. The good news is that because we didn’t have quite the overhead we typically had from doing our feijoada carry-out style this year, we made enough to be able to support our Partners in Brazil to cover for the additional supplies, ensuring all of their families received a food and amenity basket. Talk about teamwork!

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