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Nothing But Net and Sharing the World

Indiana is known for a few things, and one of those things is basketball. And who knows that more than Daniel Brauner, Director of TripSports. It all started with a 2009 trip through Indiana Partners and the State Department as part of the Coaching Coaches Program. Several years later, he was able to put the program together and bring five players to Indiana as a pilot two-week basketball camp. This year, they finally had 30 boys signed up for this camp.

Although the camp is pretty intense with practices and training, they did have some time to watch high school, college and pro games and meet players and coaches here -- at all levels. The crew was able to get a personalized tour of Bankers Fieldhouse (and even a scrimmage on the court!) and meet some of the Pacers players. They spent time with the high school players at Lawrence North after they won the Marion County tournament. What a thrill! Partners own Jhani Laupus got the chance to hang out with the team and participate in their closing awards ceremony.

The kids loved the experience, and several of them are already making plans on returning to the US (and hopefully Indiana) to play basketball in the future.

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