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  • Beth Adams

ISI Includes Portuguese in Inaugural Language Camp Lineup

The International School of Indiana is trying something new this summer. In partnership with the Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies at Indiana University, they are offering a 2-week language camp for students who are pre-K through 12th grade in Arabic and Mandarin. There is also a Portuguese camp that runs from June 21 - July 2 but only for pre-K through 5th grade.

The Portuguese camp is led by Michelle Dias, who has studied and taught in the US, the UK, and Portugal. At this day camp, students are exposed to music, cultural activities, and mealtimes in Portuguese as well as learning the basics of communicating in the language. What a great exposure for these young kids in the sixth most spoken language in the world! It’ll be exciting to hear feedback on how this inaugural camp goes and whether there will be plans for expanding it next year. Who knows, maybe these kids will become Youth Ambassadors when they get older?

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