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Free Conference Coming Up!

The Indianapolis Sister Cities International Program through the City of Indianapolis has promoted Indianapolis as a global city, creating relationships between cities as a way to share and grow with each other. The first partnership started with Taipei, Taiwan in 1978, and the newest one being Onitsha, Nigeria in 2017. And one of the cities Indianapolis is connected with is Campinas, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The Indianapolis Sister Cities Teachers and Student Outreach Committee (TASOC) gives teachers and students in Marion County ways to create international connections and networking to enhance their classroom experiences. There will even be a scholarship for student travel for next school year (more information will be announced in the fall)! How exciting is that!? Travel is the best teacher of all.

Even with the changes and challenges of Covid-19, TASOC will still be having their biennial conference. But this year, it’ll be a virtual conference via Zoom. The good thing is that there is no charge to attend, although you’ll still need to register through Eventbrite via the link below. The theme this year is Global Connections in Action. Jill Woerner, who has participated with Partners programs for several years, will be giving a talk on the Bilateral Educator Exchange (BEE) Program with teachers between Rio Grande do Sul and Indiana.

Who: Indy Sister Cities Teacher and Student Outreach Committee

What: TASOC biennial conference “Global Connections in Action”

When: Thursday, June 11 from 9am -- 3pm EDT

Cost: No charge!

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