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  • Beth Adams

Four binge-worthy Brazilian Netflix series

By now, I’m sure you’re tired of the same shows on Netflix and could use something new to watch. And the best part is that there have been several original Brazilian series produced just for Netflix. There’s actually several articles out there aimed at learning languages through Netflix since it has a great canon of foreign TV shows and movies with various dubbing and subtitle options. Even if you’re not actively studying Portuguese, these shows will certainly keep you watching.

3% (Três Por Cento) | Genre: Sci-Fi - In a society where most of the people who live inland live in varying degrees of poverty, candidates compete their way through The Process, a series of physical, mental, and emotional tests, to try to be the 3% of candidates who get approved to live in the affluent Offshore. It’s the first Portuguese-language series that Netflix created. There are currently three seasons available with a fourth and final season in the works.

Girls from Ipanema (Coisa Mais Linda) | Genre: Period Drama - Malu is a wealthy young woman during the early 1960s from São Paulo who travels to meet her husband in Rio de Janeiro. As she imagined the two of them opening the new restaurant that she thought he was working on, she quickly realizes he abandoned her and took all of her money with him. She meets a young bossa nova musician, and she decides to make the best of it and turn the restaurant idea into a bossa nova club instead. If you’re a fan of bossa nova, the bonus soundtrack is sure to be a good fit. It currently has two seasons.

The Mechanism (O Mecanismo) | Genre: Political Drama - Created by José Padilha, a Brazilian film director who also helped produce the series Narcos, this political drama is loosely centered around the corruption and money laundering scandal known as Operation Car Wash. It was filmed in Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília, so some scenes showcase a few of the famous landmarks in these cities. This series currently has two seasons on Netflix.

Samantha! | Genre: Comedy/Sitcom - This was the third Brazilian series Netflix produced and was cancelled earlier this year after only two seasons. It tells the story of Samantha, who was a child star during the 1980s leading a children’s musical group called Turminha Plimplom. Now that she’s an adult, she is comedically trying to bring herself back into the spotlight. It is centered around what Brazilian television was like during the 1980s and her desire to remain media-relevant today, at any and all costs.

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