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  • Beth Adams

Cooking For a Few, Thankful For All

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of our friends! We hope that even though Thanksgiving may have looked a little different this year, it was spent with family and good food.

Our friends in Rio Grande do Sul held a virtual Thanksgiving over Zoom on Saturday, November 28. They were graced by a short talk from Prof. Moacir Costa de Araújo Lima (husband to Partners RS President Lucia Helena) about the odds everyone faced this year living through this pandemic, but reminding them of some of the highlights and that there are always things to be thankful for. Such a great reminder for every year, but especially this one!

And even though they weren’t able to share a meal all together as they have in the past, they did get the opportunity to learn how to make two American Thanksgiving classics: Sofia Lucca showed everyone how to make stuffing, and my personal favorite: pumpkin pie! So beautiful -- good job!

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