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  • Beth Adams

Bravissimo to Another Successful Mostra

Another successful Mostra is in the books! This year was monumental for a couple of reasons. First, it was the 10th anniversary of the Mostra Brazilian Film Series. Second, it was also the first year we had a film screening in Columbus, Indiana.

Partners board members Sallie and Brian Fahey attended the film Amazonia Groove in Lafayette. They mentioned there was a good turnout and the movie was quite enjoyable. You can read their wonderful review of the film and thoughts on it.

It was also the first year we held the Indianapolis screening at the Indianapolis Art Center, which turned out to be a fantastic venue - and the wine and cheese added to the aura! Not to mention that those who attended were able to see a couple of Ted Somerville’s stunning photographs he took while he was in Brazil. The film Paraíso Perdido was filled with music, and the discussion afterwards really brought a lot of interesting insights into the film.

NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties at the time, the film Benzinho, that was supposed to show in Columbus has been postponed -- the new date is now Wednesday, December 11 at 6:30pm the Columbus Learning Center (4555 Central Ave, Columbus, IN 47203).

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