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  • Beth Adams

And That’s a Wrap

Did you get a chance to see any of the films from the Mostra Film Festival? We certainly hope that you did. There were so many great films and documentaries submitted this year, it would be hard to pick a favorite.

The new online format gave everyone the chance to watch more films showcased in the festival. What’s also great was that you still got the chance to listen to the directors talk about their films and interact with them through Q&A sessions via Zoom. It’ll be interesting to see which movies had the most viewers and how this will change Mostra moving forward. Feel free to let us know your thoughts and which ones were your favorites -- and thank you to everyone who participated in the film festival!

Pictured above: Q&A with film director Zeca Brito, and moderated by film critic Bruno Tavares and Mostra founder Ariani A. G. Friedl.

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