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  • Beth Adams

An Honor to be Honorary

Someone has a brand new title! You know her as the President of Indiana Partners, but now Rosane Zelmanovitz can officially add Honorary Consul of Brazil to Indiana to her signature.

So, what does an honorary consul do? Honorary consuls are voluntary positions held by a citizen who works on behalf of and with the official consulate, typically in cities where there isn’t a consulate nearby. Honorary consuls do some of the functions that the consul does, but mainly they work with people from their consulate country (Brazil in our case) to help answer questions and verify documents for the consul. Some things can be handled online, but some things cannot, and that’s where an honorary consul steps in. It’s a great honor for us to have Rosane in this position, and it only strengthens the ties we have with Brazilians in Indiana and the consulate. Great job and parabéns!

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