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  • Beth Adams

A Well-Run Race

It’s no secret that Partners has opened doors for many of the people who have participated in its programs over the years. Our programs and projects have given people the opportunity to build relationships, improve their language skills, teach and learn from each other, and create experiences that are worth a resume mention. And sometimes those doors that opened are BIG doors. We are proud to announce several Brazilians associated with Partners who traveled to Indiana in the past won their elections last fall!

  • Janaína Audino was appointed as the new Secretary of Education in Porto Alegre. She traveled to Indianapolis through Partners several years ago to explore partnerships with other educational institutes in Rio Grande do Sul in respect to our Youth Ambassador program. She had also been interested in creating more partnerships with Rubielson Medeiros and Canta Brasil.

  • Ricardo Gomes is the newly elected Deputy Mayor of Porto Alegre. Although he’s visited Indiana in the past outside of a Partners visit, he’s familiar with much of the work that we do and several Partners members in Rio Grande do Sul.

  • You may remember Roger Dorneles from a previous article talking about his experiences as a Legislative Fellow and his volunteer work during the pandemic. He was also running for a position as a city council member (called vereador in Portuguese) for the city of Sapucaia do Sul in Rio Grande do Sul. Although he didn’t get that particular position, he was chosen to be the new Secretary of Public Management.

We extend our sincerest congratulations to everyone for a job well done, and we look forward to seeing what great things they accomplish.

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