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  • Beth Adams

A New Documentary in the Works

We all know and love the Mostra Brazilian Film Festival that takes place every November. The films are thought provoking and often stay with us long after we’ve watched them. And we’re grateful for the woman who spearheaded this festival and made it all possible: none other than Ariani Friedl. Working as an educator, in international affairs, and serving as a Partners board member for over 40 years, she has dedicated her life to promoting Latin languages and cultures, especially from her native Brazil.

It’s no surprise that Rubielson Medeiros, whose artistic works Partners has supported and promoted in the past, has undertaken the well-anticipated feat of creating a documentary on Ariani’s life and work. The project is in its final stage of production, and the Indiana Partners board voted unanimously to make a donation of $1500 to support Rubi with the final stages of editing and English subtitling. What's also great is that Illinois Partners also voted to match our donation!

We look forward with bated breath to see the final project!

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2 Yorum

Vanessa Wigger
Vanessa Wigger
03 Ağu 2021

Parabéns Rubielson por mais esse trabalho incrível. Ansiosa para vê-lo!


Barbara Bloch
Barbara Bloch
01 Ağu 2021

Compliments on all you do. Can't wait for Medeiros film on Ariani. Thanks all

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