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  • Beth Adams

A Fusion of Inspiration

If you’re looking for something new to watch and may even inspire you to get inventive in the kitchen, a new film by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andrade called Abe came out earlier this year. Bringing in two Palestinian-American screenwriters Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader, they tell the story of Abe, a teenage boy in Brooklyn, New York (played by Noah Schnapp, who you may know as Will Byers from Stranger Things) whose family is half-Israeli and half-Palestinian.

It causes a lot of tensions between each side of the family, especially as directed from the more traditional grandparents, and it really takes a toll on him. However, Abe finds solace in cooking and creating fusion foods. He ends up being taught and mentored by a local street chef, played by none other than the famed Brazilian singer and actor, Seu Jorge.

This coming-of-age movie is available via Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play. Who knows -- it may inspire you to do some creative cooking yourself!

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