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  • Beth Adams

A Brazilian-style Halloween Party

Our friends in Rio Grande do Sul joined in a virtual Halloween party on October 24. Everyone dressed in their favorite costumes -- you could just tell the creativity was really flowing! The winner of the costume contest was Marlene Lomando as a bad witch with her inseparable companion Dalí.

The Halloween party wasn’t just members from Partners Rio Grande do Sul, but there were members from Partners Goiás, Partners Brasília, and Partners Campus Goiás as well. Maybe this is the silver lining of doing things virtually: people from all over can join in the fun who wouldn’t normally be able to. Not only could they see everyone’s creativity, they were also graced with performances by Joice de Brito e Cunha and Lupa Mabuze. From all the photos on their Instagram (@partnersrs), it looks like everyone had a spooktacular time!

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