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  • Beth Adams

You, too, can learn Spanish or Portuguese online!

One of the good things that comes out of partnership programs between Indiana and Rio Grande do Sul is that other opportunities arise along the way. That’s exactly what happened when Jill Woerner (right, below) began working closely with her Brazilian counterpart on the BEE teacher exchange program, Roberta Pegoraro (left, below). As Covid-19 began to spread across Brazil, Roberta mentioned that the English school she runs started seeing students cancel English classes.

As many classes around the world started moving to online platforms, Jill and Roberta had the idea of running some online classes in Spanish and Portuguese for students based here in the US. It turned out to be the perfect plan. Through some hard work and cross-continental coordination (and grateful for only an hour difference in time zones!), they put together several class options that began in May by connecting through online conferencing platforms. These classes are a great way to improve your listening and speaking skills. Here’s a summary of the classes, and if you’re interested in attending any of these classes, please email Jill at

Language Class Options July
Download PDF • 200KB

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