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  • Beth Adams

Celebrating Ten Years of Brazilian Film

We are celebrating 10 years of the Mostra Film Series coming up soon! Let yourself escape life for a bit and head out to the Indianapolis Art Center on November 12 at 6:30pm to see the award-winning film Paraíso Perdido (Lost Paradise). Be sure you come early to meet up with friends and enjoy some wine and cheese before the film starts.

The Women’s International Film Fest describes the film as, “Amidst the underground of São Paulo nightlife, an eccentric family of singers is held together by their loss, undying dedication to each other, and individual quests to find love. Drawing a parallel between Brazilian romantic songs and Greek epics, the film follows patriarch José’s plot to lure young policeman Odair and reunite his family. As bodyguard for José’s grandson Imã, a young and charismatic drag performer, Odair unknowingly embarks on the journey. Music is the unifying force in this heartfelt fable of return and redemption. Themes such as domestic violence, sexual diversity, and new family structures are explored throughout the family’s relationships.”

The film is filled with well-known actors and musicians like Erasmo Carlos (who plays José), a major pop star since the ‘60s and still an active performer, and Seu Jorge (who plays Teylor), an award-winning musician best known for his renewal of pop samba but also an accomplished actor. Júlio Andrade (playing Angelo) has won numerous awards for his work in TV and film - and he’s also a native of Porto Alegre!

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